Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 20 : A spoonful of SUGAR!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week... I don't really have an excuse. It hasnt really been busy, but you know that feeling after being on vacation (long or short) ... I havent really turned off that laziness just yet (except at work!), so this is why you just get the highlights this short week =)

  • Flight delays AGAIN when we were leaving Florida. I hope everyone is out there safe in the Midwest!!! 
  • Running almost a mile to get to a gate at DFW airport only to find out that it was the wrong one and the gate we needed to go to is on the OTHER SIDE. Fun times!
  • I had my fair share of travels, but I did not know airports closed down or has a curfew. Well good thing we made it after all the flight delays last Monday or else my flight would've been diverted to LAX
  • My grandma is back at the hospital - she seems to be better after her emergency surgery, but at the same time worse than the last time I saw her. So prayers are greatly appreciated!
  • I took a different route to work the other day just to spice things up - ended up adding 30 more minutes to my commute because of traffic/accidents on the road. 
  • I closed down one of my credit cards (CC#3) and I am debating on closing the rest. I have a couple that's just been sitting there with a $0 balance - good idea or not?
  • I really need to cut back on sugar! It seems like everyone and their mothers got to go to some trick or treating at Disneyland. There's just chocolates everywhere at work, plus, my sister has a bag of treats also. My diet hates Halloween sometimes
Current Debts:
Its Payday! I am super excited to see the debt going down. I could've had a positive net worth this month if the stocks weren't heading down - so next month it is! I just didn't think I can go this far with the debt payments... at the time I was so sure that I would have a lot of setbacks and given up but I am so thankful to find the PF blogging community.

Personal Loan
Student Loan
Credit Cards
Car Insurance

Starting Debt: $19,762  || Paid/Interest: $950  || Ending Debt: *$ 18,812

Weekly Spending: 
I did not meet the TWO no spend days for this week. There were birthdays, co worker luncheons etc that were celebrated this week and I did not bring lunch at all to work this week. I know sorry for the excuses, but at least I was below the $200 for the week with a full tank and a full weekend of nothingness =)
Sat - $20 Shopping
Sun - No Spend Day!
Mon - $12 Breakfast | $10 Dinner | $10 Transportation
Tue - $52 Gas | $9 Lunch
Wed - $15 Lunch
Thu - $20 Lunch
Fri - $25 Dinner
Weekly Spending Start $200 || End $173

Pending Expenses: 

Nothing to report right now. I haven't bought any Christmas presents for anyone yet.


  1. Great job on the debt repayment! We all have weeks where no matter what we try we spend money everyday, but great job keeping it under $200! I will definitely say a prayer for your grandmother, I hope everything goes well.

  2. Great job this week :) I know what you mean about Halloween being dangerous for sugar intake! I'm trying to watch what I eat as well. 8lbs to go to be back to a comfortable weight! - Downstairs and in Debt