Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday FREEbies

Yay birthdays! I celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago - *sigh* another year older and hopefully wiser this time (I mean I have this blog now right?). I loved getting a free dessert when dining out to restaurants for my birthday. Now I found the next best thing - Rewards Programs! I checked out retailers (these are mostly food places) that you usually frequent to see if they have any birthday rewards. Also, most of them have coupons throughout the year!

Starbucks -  FREE Drink

The coupon is set to you by your phone app and it usually shows up a week before your birthday. To claim it, you will need to let you barista know that you have a reward available. I don't really get all fancy with my orders - I got my go-to Grande skinny vanilla latte with soy which is usually $4.65

Grab a Starbucks card and register it here

Rubio's - $7 off any meal

The coupon is sent to you by email. I received mine a week before my birthday. Its a simple email - no bar codes or anything. I claimed this coupon for lunch. It was very straight forward. I gave them my order which was the California Bowl with Shrimp and showed the cashier my phone with the email/coupon.

I ended up just spending $1.07 for lunch that day.

Sign up on their website and become a Beach Club member 

Einstein Bagels - FREE Breakfast Sandwich with purchase of any drink

This coupon is also sent to your email around the week of your birthday. I ended up just spending $1.99 for a medium coffee and a FREE bagel with cream cheese as part of this rewards program. I know I should've ordered the expensive sandwich, but I just knew I wouldn't be able to finish it.

I just showed the email to the cashier - who was super sweet and kept saying Happy Birthday. The email did not have any bar codes, but just a number that the cashier will need to enter.

Sign up on their website and join their birthday club 

Benihana - $30 Dinner Certificate

You will receive your coupon on your mailbox, but make sure you print the coupon out. We went here the night of my birthday with the whole family (I cant believe Benihanas was still rockin it - there was a line out the door on a week night!). Anyways, I really do not remember anymore the last time I was here, but they will be serving you a 4 course meal that consist of Soup, Salad, Appetizer, your main Entree and a dessert! I got the Samurai Treat as my main entree which was a Filet mignon and colossal shrimp grilled to perfection with lemon and butter - yum! The chef was super entertaining as well as the server. You also get a picture with the whole group at the end of the meal.

Sign up for the Chefs Table here

El Torito (Real Mex Rewards) - One FREE Entree

We kind of had issues with this rewards program, so I am not quite sure how to claim this one. We went to El Torito Grill which is a higher end El torito. I told the waiter about the Real Mex Rewards free entree that I was supposed to get for my birthday. He said he was not able to see it under my account, but still told me to order and he will go ahead and give me the meal for FREE. I got the Chile Relleno minus the beans. Its a pretty big portion for lunch! Plus, they also sang and gave us a FREE flan. Yum! PS. They also give your table warm tortillas which are my favorite things to munch on while waiting for our entree.

You can sign up here

Have you gotten any perks on your birthday? Did you know about these birthday rewards?


  1. Nice! We have a few restaurants around that will give you a free meal on your birthday as long as someone else pays full price. We try to hit up at least one every year ;)

    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!!! :D

    1. Free meal is always good! I also look forward to the desserts but not the singing lol

      Thanks Morgaine =)

  2. Wow, you made out really well for birthday treats! I've signed up for things in the past, but I hardly ever take advantage of them. My favorite is getting free samples from Sephora. Happy Birthday!

    1. Yes me too! I love the samples =) I just kinda kept it in the food category for this post. Thank you and thanks for dropping in !