Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My dog is expensive

I got my dog the summer of 2008 for FREE. One of our clients from work were giving the puppies away because they couldn't take care of them on their yard. I thought why not - its free and I have always wanted a pet. WRONG! I brought him home and had to get his vaccines, rabies shot and flea medication. That first year was brutal on my finances. Not to mention the things that he has destroyed - $200 pair of sunglasses (never again!), a cell phone, living room side tables that he has chewed on, the front door that he has scratched "greeting" the mailman and so many more. I am scared to tally everything that I have paid having this dog.

Now he's injured. I do not know how many times he has managed to mess up one of his legs - probably from chasing birds in the backyard. Anyways, the first time this happened I freaked out and $500 later after sedation and x-rays the vet concluded that it might just be a sprain. So next time this happened again - I waited it out and it was gone after a week or so....Now, its been more than 2 weeks and he has been limping, so we scheduled an appointment with our vet to get it checked out. She has concluded that he will need surgery. Right now they are not sure if its a torn ACL (more than likely), but they will not know until the x-rays are done. I tried to get an estimate from our own vet and other referrals and it seems like it will be more than likely to be around $3000. The vet released him yesterday and we will be monitoring his leg the next 5 days with a temporary pain medication.

Sometimes life just happens when we are trying to diligently make a change. If surgery needs to be done, then I will pay for it. I cant stand him looking like he's in so much pain and limping around like that.


  1. Pets are expensive, but they are worth it :) Hope everything is ok with your puppy.

  2. I hope your dog is doing better. Poor guy :(. It must be really hard to watch him in pain. Pets can get pretty expensive. They're worth it, but it's still hard to spend that much money on something that isn't planned for.

    1. Yeah the $$ setback sucks - but I do hate seeing him in pain =/ Thansk for dropping in