Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 Month-End Recap

Getting back into the groove of things. September was kind of disappointing, but on to the next month right?

  • Track daily spending PASS!
    • Excel sheet has been updated to adjust to Septembers expenses. Might need to readjust this for October.
  • Keep the weekly spending around $200/week FAIL-ish!
    • Should I just do an average? Below were the results each week
      • Week 14 $143.50
      • Week 15 $98
      • Week 16 $287
      • Week 17 $142
  • Use cash for ONE week FAIL!
    • I completely forgot to do this. bleeeh!
  • Allocate $1200 to debt for the month of September - PASS!
    • Paid $1,841.74  into total debt last month. Yay!
  • Do not use credit cards FAIL!
    • I used the card with the airline points to get Jay's FL ticket and an extra payment for my FREE ticket - yeah you still gotta pay something to use points *sigh*. He's paying me back in cash so this will be paid off soon.
  • At least ONE day of no spending per week PASS!
    • I need to adjust this - this wasn't as challenging this past month
  • Work out at least 3 days every week FAIL
    • I started getting so motivated going to the gym the first couple of weeks of the month - then the busy weekends happened. Blah! No more excuses
  • Read / Finish a book PASS!
    • Audiobooks should count right? I listened to Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)". She is just hilarious! I just want to rewatch The Office again

How were your September goals?


  1. $1800 on debt payments = awesomesauce!
    Audiobooks totally count. I count them on my goodreads list, anyway!

    1. haha love that! whoo awesomesauce lol

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Brilliant job on the debt repayment.

    My September goals were a big fail...must do better in October!

    1. Thanks Laura! Yes for a new month... hopefully I can keep track of my goals in October as well

  3. Congrats on the $1800 to debt, that's awesome! Don't be too hard on yourself re: the $200 per week, when you average it out, you did great. Yes, audiobooks count :)

    1. Depending on what we do on the weekends is when that amount fluctuates.

      Thanks for all the encouragement Morgaine =)

  4. I don't think you did badly at all. You killed it on the debt repayment and tracked your spending (which has always been the best way for me to stay on track with my budgeting). I think October is going to be awesome for you :-)

    1. I am so glad I finally have the hang of this whole "budgeting" thing. It used to be so frustrating setting it up.

      Thanks KK!

  5. Wow - that debt payment is awesome! Congrats! And I love Mindy Kaling - I read that book shortly after it came out and it was even better than I expected it to be.

    1. A lot of people recommended that book to me, but I just got a hold of it now. I listened to it going to work and she made me chuckle so many times. It also made the drive (traffic) bearable lol

      Thanks for dropping by =)