Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 17 : Birthdays and Holidays

Aren't you excited.... the Holidays are here! 

But first... lets get the birthday parties started. We have/had 5 birthdays in September, 4 in October, 3 in November plus Thanksgiving and 1 in December and of course Christmas. So almost every weekend until November will be full of birthday parties and dinners plus the holidays. Exhausting, but it will be so much fun to see friends and family and/or both! 

I will be honest though, none of those gifts and/or events are budgeted yet. Bummer!

Current Debts:
No check today, but below are the are the current amounts for each debt category.

Personal Loan
Student Loan
Credit Card
Car Insurance

Starting Debt : $20,655  || Paid/Interest: $-327 || Ending Debt:*$20,992

Weekly Spending: 

Sat - $22 Groceries
Sun - $24 Dinner
Mon - No Spend Day!
Tue - No Spend Day!
Wed - $28 Lunch
Thu - $2 Breakfast | $54 Gas
Fri - $10 Drinks | $2 Lunch

Weekly Spending : Start $200 || End $142

Pending Expenses:
Christmas funds are not yet funded this week. I technically need to get this by thanksgiving. I am planning to participate on Black Friday!

Current $0 | Goal $500 $500 more to go

Are you saving up now for the holidays?


  1. Wow that's a lot of birthdays in a short time! Luckily summer is a slow period for us and continues right to November but that's when it picks back up. 1 bday in Oct, 2 in Nov, 6 in Dec plus Christmas, 1 in Jan, 2 in Feb, 2 in March, 2 in May, 2 in June. Phew! I currently have $450 saved for Christmas and I'm just going to keep the $100 per pay going until Jan so I'm good for that gifts period but will lower the amount down to $25 per pay (approx - need to do some calculations) so I'm ready in time for next Xmas without having to resort to extreme measures. We just went too many places this year :)

    Good luck with your savings goal!

    1. Yeah such a busy time. That's a good Christmas fund. I need to start stashing away. I am also not going to go too crazy on spending on presents this year and that's a good idea to just keep this going to be ready for next year! Which hopefully I will be debt free by then... sigh. I cant wait!

      Thanks Morgaine!

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  3. Issue with my posting the last comment so in short, we spend more on traveling to visit family for Christmas rather than on presents itself but we try to use cc rewards or our stash of air miles to bring the cost down.

    1. That's perfect! I am sure your family would want to see you anyways than spend your money on presents. Rewards points also help. Happy Travels this upcoming holiday season. How many trips do you guys have planned?

  4. It seems like we have a lot of birthdays that hit at the same time. May is a huge month for us - it seems like we are sending birthday cards or celebrating every few days. We haven't started saving for Christmas yet, but we tend to keep costs pretty low.

    1. I am also going to try to budget the christmas presents this year as well and keep them low. Aiming to save the $500 and maybe start looking for deals on gifts now as well =) Thank you for dropping by!

  5. My wife has been slowly buying up Christmas presents the past few months so that we can get a head start. We exchange gifts with pretty much everyone in our families so it adds up quick. So hard to budget for!