Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Its the little things : Weekend Recollections

Happy Fall! I love it when seasons change. We don't get a big shift living in Southern California, but I just love the idea of it... Man, I wish we will have a real winter this year! This might become a weekly thing... just trying to be grateful for big and small things that has been happening in my life 

  • Migraines are not the biz. I have been getting them lately and realized that I shouldn’t take the medicine too late because (1) It just gets worse and (2) I will throw up. Not fun!
  • We went to a shooting range with Jay and his cousins. It was a 4 hour lesson + we were able to shoot the following guns: .22 caliber, 9mm (I did once! See picture), .38 caliber (I think - shot it once as well) and a shot gun (Nope, nope nope!). They all had fun while I had fun being the camera man/spectator. I learned a lot. The instructor was very educated when it comes to guns. Now I know what the difference is between a semi-automatic vs. automatic, rifle vs. hand gun etc.
  • Cooking is so much fun! Jay's sister and I, last minute, decided to cook dinner last Saturday. The damage was less than $25 (plus ingredients from the pantry). We cooked/baked two Filipino dishes... Sinigang and also made some Leche Flan. I think our parents would be proud! The boys loved it!  
  • Football + Coffee. I am swearing off drinking... well maybe drinking before 4pm. Ha! Charger game was at 10am last Sunday and we literally did not have the energy to be out and about. So we opted for coffee and pastries from the coffee shop and watched the game at home.
  • Food is my motivation. Its a fact... food is my motivation. To get me out of the house and go to the gym - just mention food. Mention something that I crave and I will be ready in less than 5mins
  • Nightly walks with Jay is my favorite. Since his apartment is just blocks away from everything - were able to just walk around the block either to return a Redbox, grab some dessert, go to the grocery store, get something to eat and/or grab coffee. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!

How did the past weekend treat ya?


  1. Throwy-upy migraines are the worst :(. If you really want winter feel free to come visit mid-February. Southern New Brunswick is quite a bit different that Southern California ;). Glad you enjoyed your weekend :).

    1. Haha I always love seeing the snow in the wintertime. We used to plan ski trips, but can't now with the bugeting. I guess I always imagine the soft pillowy snow falling outside and me snuggled up to a fireplace with good book and a hot cocoa =)

  2. Yes, come to Canada any winter if you want the real deal ;) Sounds like you guys are having some fun and frugal times :D

    1. Hahaha Whistler was so beautiful in the wintertime!

      I'll opt out if its the miserable-wintery-freezing-ice-cold-getupearlyinthemorningtoheatupthecarandscrapingoffthickice-feeling lol