Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 3 : Financial GOOOOOOLLLs

World Cup week! 

I wish soccer/futbol was as big in the US as the other countries. I just don't get how almost every kid has played soccer yet there's such a smaller fan base here. In other news, did you hear about Starbucks offering to pay tuition to their employees? Most corporate companies have a reimbursement program in place already and I actually have taken advantage of this when I worked for a big financial institution while in college.

Current Debts:
No paycheck this week - so no difference in the balances well slight with the interest amounts racking up. I am hoping to pay off CC#2 by August! I wont be putting any extra payments for July, so I can use the extra cash for the trip.

* Still trying to find out why the personal loan balance was weird. I get these ending balances from my account
Starting Debt $23,722 || Paid $0 || Ending Debt* $23,140

Weekly Spending:
Ahhhhhh I overspent. It was fathers day weekend and I took my mom, siblings out for dinner last Sunday. BUT do you see whats highlighted below? Three, THREE NO SPEND DAYS*! Awesome blossom... now I just need to keep it under a budgeted amount
Sat - $15 Drinks
Sun - $47 Dinner | $60 Gas
Mon - $8 Food
Tue - No Spend Day!
Wed - No Spend Day!
Thu - No Spend Day! *
Fri - $27 Dinner *
* Technically I bought something for the 'party' this weekend, but that's already budgeted below... so at least it wasn't an impulse spend =)

Weekly Spending Start $150 || End $157 || Roll over $7

Pending Expenses:
The trip is coming up and there will be a couple of expenses that might come out of this budget or the weekly spending budget. I am not quite sure yet.
  • June 2014 - $100 Party Favor
  • July 2014 - $1000 International Trip
  • December 2014 - $300 Christmas Gifts 

Pending Expenses Total : $1400 || Card balance $100 || Need $1300

Were you able to complete any GOOOOLs you have listed for this week?

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