Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ignore Responsibilities

I am sure I am not the only one who goes to Target with the intention of buying toothpaste and end up with a cart full of stuff. Or even if you have a list to buy - you still end up sneaking in a pair of flip flops, a dress and a book because they were on sale. Even up til now, Jay would always ask me... "Do we need anything at Target?" because either - a) we need to kill time, or b) were bored! You will always end up with something when you leave Target - my budget hates it!

Whatever happened to this cutie? 

Speaking of budgets - remember that drama over data breach last Christmas 2013 at our beloved store? Well I was one of those people on Black Friday that swiped my debit and credit card for unnecessary Christmas purchases.

... and fast forward a couple of months later - I well in the midst of my budgeting and being a responsible adult. My cards were cancelled and replaced by my trusted banks where I had bills that were automatically withdrawn. I called back some to give them my updated card information because I actually needed the service - and some... well I "ignored" the calls because I was thinking that, “Well I don’t really need that service (Netflix, Experian, dog insurance etc.), so maybe they can eventually CANCEL them”. WRONG! I don’t know how they haunted me down, but they did. I had to pay a huge chunk of my dogs insurance the DAY that a bill was supposed to come out – well there goes a transfer fee from my credit card to my debit card. *sigh*

This was definitely one of the behaviors I need to change when it comes to money. This was negligence on my part. I am going to try to keep the bank fees at the minimum while on this debt free journey. Also, ...... NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!

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