Thursday, June 19, 2014

Long Distance on the Cheap

Now how about a little background about my personal relationship...

We have been doing the 'Long Distance' for almost a year now since I moved for a job to OC. Prior to that we lived together - imagine the CHANGE in that. But, I must say, its freaking hard we have been managing this quite well. Between our work schedules, classes, homework etc. we have tried to be in constant communication (thank you technology!) and make the most of the short weekends or days off that we can spend time together.

Now that I am on a quest to be debt free - he's slowly learning to change his spending lifestyle as well - we have been trying to look for options to still enjoy an active life while together but on a budget.

Here are some of the things we enjoy that are budget friendly

  • Walk/Bike around the beach/pier - The perks of living along the coast
  • Walk/Bike around the park - There are so many gorgeous parks out here... Jay is lucky enough to live close to Balboa Park
  • Gym Dates - We usually try to go to the gym first before breakfast/brunch on the weekends. This helps keep us motivated, plus, I we tend to eat healthier after a gym session
  • Grocery Shopping - Its a prelude to staying in and also spend some time in the kitchen
  • Movies - We found a really cheap theater by our parents house. Last movie we saw was Adam Sandler's Blended and it was only $12 total for the both of us. It was a matinee weekend ticket. Score! 
  • Redbox night - I usually just want to stay in after dealing with traffic to see each other on weekends. We usually pick up a movie after going grocery shopping. Oh... you should try to Text to 727272 to get some free/discounted deals lol not really an ad, but that's what we use to get some free movies

How do you budget spending time with your significant other?

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