Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 2 : Spending Budget Re-evaluated

I am feeling more confident this week with my weekly spending. After re-evaluating my goals - I felt so much better adjusting the amount rather than failing another week. I realized that I have a long way to go on changing my spending lifestyle. I might need to tackle them one by one instead of taking them on all together. The main focus/priority is to pay off my debt - but I wouldn't mind picking up a tip or two on how to better curb my spending.

Current Debts:
Its payday week so I was able to get a huge chunk out of the debt. I will only be able to cover the minimum for my debts next payday since I will be traveling.

Week 2 Starting Debt $23,722 || Paid $600 || Ending Debt* $23,122

Weekly Spending:
I wasn't being too realistic with the goal of $100 (see post) - so this week was adjusted to $150
Sat - $15 Gas | $17.50 Drinks
Sun - $20 Groceries  | $3.50 Food
Mon - $24 Transportation | $12 Food | $5.50 Drinks
Tue - No Spend Day!
Wed - $12 Food |  $20 Gas
Thu - No Spend Day!
Fri - $5 Drinks
Weekly Spending Start $150 || End $134.50 || Roll over $15.50

Pending Expenses:
Another $50 was put into my Google Wallet account. I will be spending this amount next weekend. Good thing its already covered! I also revised the amount for the trip - this is going to be a wedding, so I am pretty sure there will be some things that needs to be covered.
  • June 2014 - $100 Party Favor
  • July 2014 - $1000 International Trip
  • December 2014 - $300 Christmas Gifts - Its never too early to think about this*

Pending Expenses Total : $1400 || Card balance $100 || Need $1300

Enjoy your weekend and Happy FATHERS day to all the great dads out there!

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