Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dark horse coffee

My friend and I found this after having lunch around Normal Heights. There were a couple of coffee places a block or two off Adams St., but since we always frequent Starbucks and we have been to Lestat's -We wanted to check out something new. 

Something new and different actually - They do Pour Over (which I've only had once - super good), Cold Brew (see below) or French press. They also have a selection of fresh vegan donuts - we SHARED the Chocolate. It wasnt as bad as I thought knowing that they were vegan.

The word Latte has quotation marks around it because they do not have espresso machines. I never thought I would enjoy a Cold Brew, but I would totally go back to this place.

I made a huge OOOOOPS and spilled the coffee though. What a klutz... but before I managed to spill my coffee, at least I was able to capture it and had at least half - before the pavement got a taste of it.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
3260 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

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