Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Adventure Week

Who else watched The Interview the past week? Such a vulgar, typical Franco/Rogan movie to me. Not too sure what the hype was and why this was getting a high rating online. It was also great that it was available online. I usually pay for all my cousins to go out and watch movies on Christmas day.... whoooo for saving $100+ this year!

Is it just me or the holidays went by so quickly. I felt like it was just Thanksgiving - I already miss Christmas. I am currently listening to some more Christmas music and sharing you guys some pictures from the past couple of days. I should start using the camera instead of my iPhone - but some of them came out really good.

I am not really too sure what this area is called, but I am sure most cities around has a neighborhood like this. I am going to call this Christmas Card Lane! Its such a pretty place to walk around with you dog and a coffee in hand (one of the kids were selling hot chocolates the night we were there)

This is such a random and eclectic place - The Sky Village Swap Meet  is located in an old drive-in movie theater. They had rotary phones, creepy dolls and even NEW Pendleton shirts for only $30! 


Pioneer Town is a pretty cute/cool ghost town where you can also camp behind the bank (see picture below). 

Cactus mart had a very good selection of desert plants. The sign brought us in lol we thought we were actually going to dig a bunch of cacti from the ground - turns out it was just a nursery. This is along the 29 Palms Hwy.... check it out here at Yelp!

Hadley Fruit Orchards - A must visit when you are on the way to Palm Springs! Its next to the Cabazon Outlets and the Morongo Casino. You can also check out some cool dinosaurs next to it. 

Then we capped off the weekend with some brewski and ice cream because its the end of the CHARGERS season.... wooomp woomp!

How was your Christmas break? 

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  1. Looks like you had fun over Christmas break! I watched The Interview, too. I didn't have high hopes going in because I figured everyone was over-hyping it. I think that's why I really like it, haha!