Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cash Rewards

My credit card keeps rising. I added expenses for my dogs surgery last October and the biggest recent expense were my dental and vision expenses from this month. I should be getting reimbursed for this, but their process is just so tedious - I can probably write another post about this. Anyway, I started digging around because I wanted to be under $20k before the year ends. I was so close but the expenses keeps building up.

So I first looked into balance transfer offers, I even thought about cashing out this old Roth IRA, its so old that I forgot the password but its added on my account, it currently has a total of $597. I just really did not want to get hit with any fees with that one - hey, its been accruing interest. I am sure I left that at $550.

Anyways, I dug and dug and noticed that my Credit Union CC was a rewards card. It never really occurred to me that it was earning points because the points weren't posted on their website whenever I logged in. I searched for their rewards website and registered the card. At this point, I was probably hoping for a $20 reward or something - but when I logged in, it shows that I had about 16k+ points. Not too sure where they all came from, but I immediately looked into cashing out the points... guess how much I was able to redeem? $150. One hunddit fitty!

The 'fees' total for the past year for this card was $76.90, not calculating December yet. So I am technically getting back $73.10 from them. (FYI: I opened this card last Feb 2014)

I also did not think I would be getting this amount so soon, but it was already deposited into my account... soooooo shopping it is! I am kidding! I just made a payment into my CC today $200 in total. It kinda hurts since I am still trying to buy more Christmas presents, but since I already "budgeted" for the Christmas gifts... I will stick to that amount.

Credit Card Total : $9,724
Payment made : -$280
Credit Card Total : $9,444

Have you received any rewards from your credit cards? 


  1. That's awesome about your points! I've gotten a free flight here and there but for the most part, I forget that I get points and sit back and let them accumulate :)

    1. Oh yeah I did get free flights too, but that was from another card with an annual fee - so I closed that one. I don't trust myself with a credit card right now so that will probably be the last reward I will have for a while