Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 6 : Flying over the pacific

I cant wait to lounge on the beach in a couple of hours!

I don't know if I'll be able to update this week, but I will try my best. Have a great rest of the week!!!

Current Debts:
Paycheck came in, but I am only paying for the remaining minimum payment for the Student Loan since I want to use the paycheck money for this vacation. I probably have a lot of explaining to do with the totals below... I'll save it for another blog post and why I didn't add them into my weekly spending.

Starting Debt: $23,596 || Paid: $20 || Ending Debt:*$22,726

Weekly Spending:
Still buying stuff for the trip the past week. I dont really have vacation/summer clothes, so the Saturday shopping happened. I will be returning a bathing suit I bought for $30 since I found bathing suits from Old Navy at $5/piece... score - bargain hunts!
Sat - $2 Drinks | $158 Shopping
Sun - $30 Dinner | $77 Target
Mon - $24 Commute | $3.20 Lunch
Tue - $10 Dinner
Wed - $14 Lunch
Thu - $15 Drinks
Fri - No Spend Day!
Weekly Spending Start $150 || End $ 333.20  || Roll over -$183.20

Pending Expenses:
We are now on our way and the vacation funds are fully funded - currently on my debit card. I will probably exchange half of it for the local cash.
  • July 2014 (fully funded) - $1000 Vacation/Destination Wedding
  • December 2014 - $300 Christmas Gifts 

See you in two weeks!