Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 5 : Firework hangover

I hope you had a great time celebrating the 4th of July yesterday. 

We didn't really do much since the beaches were crowded (not doing the same mistake again of looking for a parking spot for an hour). We thought about biking and watch the fireworks at the beach, but we will just end up drinking, eating and spending money... So we just went and had BBQ with family - It was a much better and cheaper option. (nope, no hangovers here!)

Current Debts:
No checks this week - but here are the interest rates that have been creeping up since the past update.

Starting Debt $22,578 || Paid $0 || Ending Debt* $22,667

Weekly Spending:
So many expenses this week since the trip is coming up - below is the breakdown

  • We started spending/shopping for the trip
  • Gift was for a housewarming
  • I put a full tank on my car and this should be good until next week
  • Pet expenses were to replenish his food/treats - I totally forgot to add this on the budget
  • I knew I wasn't going to be able to stick to the $150 this week. I also want to reserve the money below for the actual trip once we land. Hopefully it will be better next week!
    Sat - $105 Shopping | $8 Dinner
    Sun - $25 Gift | $12 Coffee
    Mon - $9 Lunch
    Tue - $25 Dinner
    Wed - $60 Gas | $14 Lunch | $21 Dog Stuff
    Thu - $17 Dinner
    Fri - No Spend Day!
    Weekly Spending Start $150 || End $296 || Roll over -$146

    Pending Expenses:
    The funds for the vacation / destination wedding will be taken out from the remaining balance on my account and the next paycheck on 7/11.
    • July 2014 - $1000 Vacation/Destination Wedding
    • December 2014 - $300 Christmas Gifts 

    What are your big plans this summer?

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