Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2014 Goals

Jay and I are going to a destination wedding in a week or so. But I have a confession to make - this is between me, you and the Blog-o-sphere... I wasn't looking forward to this vacation at all
  1. I am scared that it will throw off my momentum on this debt repayment
  2. The wedding was just completely unorganized for the guests
  3. We did not book anything until last week - and I am sure there are still a couple more things we need to spend on
  4. They STILL hasn't given me any itinerary on whats going on the wedding - I am a bridesmaid
But, I'll put those all aside... below are the goals I have for July - somewhat similar to June since I am still trying to change my habits. I am limiting myself to CASH!!! We paid 50% of the resort in cash and will be paying the rest when we get there
  • Keep a weekly spending budget of $150 while in the states and $200 on vacation
  • Track my daily spending - I am still free to use my debit card or cash
  • Do not use credit cards - I will be bringing them "just in case"
  • Target debt payment amount this month will be $500
  • Have at least ONE day of no spending per week - even while on vacation 

How do you prep for a big vacation while paying off debt?


  1. Eughhhh, that wedding sounds like a nightmare. I know how you feel and I would feel the same way, disorganization turns me off, especially when I'm expected to participate in something like being a bridesmaid.
    Where is the destination wedding?

    1. Yeah I know! And it makes it harder to budget when I dont even know what to expect =/ The wedding is going to be in the Philippines.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I've been to a destination wedding where everything was unorganized and it still turned out to be fun. Just go with whatever. Have a good time :)

    1. Yeah, thats so true! It usually ends up like that... I think I am just getting stressed out because I am trying to budget, but ending up spending a lot more. But yes - i am hoping it turns out great. I'll totally make the most out of it.

      Thanks and thanks for dropping by =)