Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week 34 : Jury Duty

I had a really bad week (budget wise), when you scroll down you will see that I have spent a lot on food/drinks. However, I was able to hang out with one of my best girlfriends this past weekend. It was so great being able to catch up finally with our busy schedules - there may have been a few margaritas on scene.

Speaking of, we also went to watch a movie this past weekend. They have revamped the AMC by our house and they now have reclining and assigned seating - they will also have a dine-in theater soon, which is a good and bad thing - of course they raised their prices... If you were curious we saw American Sniper - hellooOooO Bradley Cooper!

Then I spent most of my week in court because I was selected as a Juror. It was actually my first time as a juror although I have been called a couple of times before (no excuses, I know, but that's why I haven't packed my lunch as well). Actually, I am not even too sure what happened the first time and the 2nd time I did not live in the area - so I got excused.

Current Debts:
Its payday this week and were setting aside $300 for debt payment.

Personal Loan
Student Loan
Credit Cards

Starting Debt: $19,548 || Paid/Interest: $310  || Ending Debt: *$19,238

Weekly Spending: 
Well this is embarrassing... I have spent almost half of the total on food. Bleh!
Sat - Food/Drinks $45 | Entertainment $7 | Parking $3
Sun - No Spend Day!
Mon - Food $22
Tue - Drinks $10 | Food $18
Wed - Food $8
Thu - Food $6 | Shopping $91
Fri - Food/Drinks $52
Weekly Spending : $262

Have a great weekend! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Week 33 : We are such great hosts

*pat in the back* 

My cousin, who just turned 21, and a couple of his friends came out to San Diego the past weekend. We had a blast hosting them. I felt like I was 21 again... my body and liver, however, probably didn't like it so much. But at least I was able to log in a couple of miles into the FitBit - my little daily motivation that I need to move around all day.

Anyway, we took the 'kids' around North Park, Pacific Beach and Downtown San Diego. I wish I had the energy to keep up, but by the end of the night (which creeps at 11pm for me) I was exhausted. I'll definitely post some recommendations here when visiting San Diego - which you should because it is such a lovely (expensive) city!

Current Debts:
Payday is next week! The payment I made towards the Personal Loan last week hasn't posted yet (get on it people) and that's why it seems like I added into my debt.

Personal Loan
Student Loan
Credit Cards

Starting Debt: $19,685 || Paid/Interest: $21,184  || Ending Debt: *$499

Weekly Spending: 
Whats great about hosting or hanging out with a group of people is some will always get a round of drinks =) I got a couple on Saturday!
Sat - $32 Drinks
Sun - $15 Shopping | $19 Breakfast | $21 Gas
Mon - $9 Lunch
Tue - $9 Lunch | $37 Gas | $32 Shopping | $20 Withdrawal
Wed -  No Spend Day!
Thu - No Spend Day!
Fri - $4 Lunch
Weekly Spending : $198

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Goals

Happy 2015! I had a lot of fun in 2014 and I am so grateful for the past year, but I honestly felt like I kind of put my life on pause last year - it was a year of let’s see what happens instead of steering my own life. In 2015, I would love to change that. 

First things first, I want to gain control of my goals by PAYING OFF ALL MY CONSUMER DEBT. This will be my main goal this year and the primary purpose of this blog. I also listed some of my savings, blog and personal goals below.
Financial Goals :
  • Pay off Debt Completely - I will be paying them off at this order
    • Personal Loan - end of 2014 $5,145 | approx monthly $450
    • Credit Cards - end of 2014 $9,466 | approx monthly $800
    • Student Loan - end of 2014 $6,062 | approx monthly $520
  • No credit card spending - I am not leaving my credit card into my wallet. I am kind of nervous about this, but as much as possible – I do not want to add any more debt into my CC.
  • Learn about retirement – what’s the best thing to do with my old 401k and an old investment
 Savings Goals : 
  • Build an Emergency Fund – Increase to $1000 liquid funds
  • 401k - Increase contribution to 6%
  • Roth IRA – Increase to $1000
 Blog Goals : The main three things that I will still keep posting are
  • Weekly Spending Report - I will keep posting my weekly spending just to keep myself in line of the goals
  • Monthly Update - I will also post monthly goals that I would want to accomplish during the month.
  • Month End Updates - A closing on what I did during the month - see if I accomplish the goals I have set for myself.
 Personal Goals : 
  • 1 International and 4 Domestic Travels - I want to do a big trip this year and maybe little trips spread out each quarter 
  • Start running again - Log 10k+ each week
  • Do yoga or a Barre class - and commit to it!
  • Walk my dog - I just want to spend more time with him this year
  • Read/Listen 12 books this year
  • Learn something new - I want to learn how to knit, scuba dive, design a website and drive a stick shift
  • Become a Yelp Elite =)

Lets do this 2015!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Donut do it!

So much for giving up sweets as a New Years Resolution and being good with my budget. There have been so many specialty and unique donut places have been popping up around our area.

I mean look at how good this looks on this picture #foodporn right? haha.

Jay and I decided to walk and check out this place which was about half a mile from his place.

Total cost $18 for 4 donuts and 2 coffees

The coffee was worth it, but the donuts - not so much. Its good to try out, but just stick with the good ol American donuts for 50c. You'll get your extra calories and sugar rush for the day - but your budget wont complain.

Hey - at least we got a couple of thousand steps logged into our FitBit!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 32 : Hows that New Year Resolution goin for ya?

I hope you had yourself a great Christmas with family and/or friends. Is it just me or are you also sad the Holidays are over? I loved my work schedule, nap schedule and food schedule (seriously, there we just friends and family parties back to back).

I guess we are "back to the grind" now - back to sticking with the weekly goals!

Current Debts:
Its payday today and after all these payments post I will be back down to less than $20k! Whoooo!

Personal Loan
Student Loan
Credit Cards

Starting Debt: $20,295 || Paid/Interest: $610  || Ending Debt: *$19,685

Weekly Spending: 
Can you believe how cheap gas is right now? I don't even think I remember a time I filled up my tank for under $35! Thank you Costco =)
Sat - $34 Groceries | $4 Drinks
Sun - $10 Groceries | $20 Withdrawal | $10 Drinks
Mon - No Spend Day!
Tue - $35 Gas
Wed - $21 Dinner | $7 Drinks
Thu - No Spend Day!
Fri -  $39 Drinks
Weekly Spending : $180.00

Have a blessed weekend! xo