Friday, August 29, 2014

July & August 2014 : Month-End Recap

I am combining both SUMMER months. My goals will usually stay the same each month - unless there is already something planned.

Below were the previous goals
  • Keep a weekly spending budget of $150 FAIL
    • I wasn't able to keep the budget of $150 and still not able to maintain the $150 a week. Some changes were made and I will need to see what I can do to budget my weekly expenses. I know, I know I just need to stop spending - but I have one too many excuses!
  • Track my daily spending PASS-ish
    • Ever since I got back, I was able to get back on track with tracking my daily spending - but I wasn't able to do this the two weeks I was gone
    • I have a spreadsheet that I keep to log my expenses
  • Do not use credit cards FAIL
    • I unfortunately used my credit cards for a couple of things for this trip wooomp womp 
  • Target debt payment amount this month will be $500 PASS!!!
    • I paid $2,636 total from the last two months - whooooo!
    • Btw that total should be $1000 for August - still a pass *high five*
  • Have at least ONE day of no spending per week PASS
    • I completely kept conscious of this and it was harder while on vacation

How did your SUMMER go ? Can you believe FALL is almost here *snoopy dance*


  1. Its extremely hard to keep yourself to the same budget while on vacation as in everyday life. I just set aside a seperate budget for vacations (like $500 I have allocated to NYC) and try to stay within that. You did AWESOME with your debt repayment, so congrats! This summer hasn't really felt like summer here (much, much cooler weather than normal) so I'm ok wth the weather for a while longer, but please, please, please not another winter like the last (most days were -22F with a windchill closer to -40 and lots and lots of snow, right up until almost May!) Sorry, end rant! Have a happy long weekend! :)

  2. Oh no! Maybe we should switch... I prefer cooler weather than the heat wave we've been getting here. However, that winter weather seems a little too extreme for me lol. I wish I could afford a ski vacation though this season - that would be nice.

    Have a great time in NYC... I cant wait to hear about it and have an awesome long weekend too!!!