Friday, May 30, 2014

I scream, you scream...

I love to eat and I love to check out new places around my area. So I am also going to be featuring a couple of restaurants/food places that are fairly reasonably priced - or not!

We found this place searching for an ice cream place around the area. We have been waiting on Hammonds ice cream to open - which I have already tried at the North Park Festival of Arts. I cant wait until I can try the rest of their selection. Anyways, this place was tucked away inside a 76 gas station food mart... it was so out of place!

... But I think their cookies can compete with good ol' Uncle Biffs and The Cravory (almost!). We had their chocolate chip, s'mores and snickerdoodle cookie - but I would totally go back for their ice creams. They are currently running a special of 4/$5 cookies.

I think this place deserves a chance. Definitely check this place out to satisfy your sweet tooth on a budget

 Zooies Cookies And Ice Cream
3010 Market St
San DiegoCA 92102

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